Thanksgiving bursts with reminders to thank God…

Thanksgiving bursts with reminders to thank God, and marvel at all the ways He has brought you as ministry partners into our lives; and how your prayers and financial partnership have made a wonderful difference to the lives of so many.

“Let them thank the Lord for his steadfast love, for his wondrous works to the children of man! For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.” Psalm 107:8-9

Here are 10 projects you have helped us undertake; we are thankful that the Lord, by His grace, is using these to further the Gospel of the Kingdom in Africa:

1. Thank you for our Zimbabwe prison shelter – where prisoners can meet for prayer meetings, Bible studies and public worship.

2. Thank you for downloading and passing on the news of the publishing of “Reloaded – Shooting Back Again”. Customer reviews are extremely helpful – please leave a short review after you’ve read the book.

3. Thank you for your prayers and financial support of Dr Jacques de Vos; he stands accused of trying to persuade a patient to not go through with an abortion, and has thus been prohibited from practicing medicine in South Africa. His hearing by the Health Professions Council of SA continues December 9, in Cape Town. Please continue supporting Jacques.

4. Thank you for supporting our Celebrating Christmas in Africa project. Due to your extravagant love and giving, we are expecting more funds than we asked you for; and so, we are hoping to bless more children and youth than we even dreamt possible.

5. Thank you for listening, and passing on, our radio/podcast, Salt and Light.

6. Thank you for our Zimbabwe ministry vehicle. Your support has exponentially increased Cozmore’s (and our) Gospel effectiveness.

7. Thank you for our trailer for Zimbabwe; this vehicle has already been used for a building project and is a wonderful blessing when carting all our ministry supplies around.

8. Thank you for your prayers and action – leading to the release of Pastor Sylas from his prison cell in Zimbabwe.

9. Thank you for your kind input into our Stone Hill ministry. Our Sunday evening Gospel outreaches, Bible distribution, multiple Bible studies, Soldiers for Christ, tutoring, reading skills training, Dream Girls, home-building for widows, soccer field, wrestling, gym, early childhood development center, medical clinic, safe house for the sexually abused and many other outreaches into this needy community – are all life transforming.

Your support allows us to carry on – teaching the lost about Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, and His great, all-encompassing Gospel.

10. Thank you for supporting our Bibles and bikes project. Bibles have been distributed to pastors, new converts and brothers and sisters in Christ who can’t afford them – in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo and Gabon.

We are so blessed that we have funds waiting to be used for further projects that still need some practical issues in place before starting.

Deuteronomy 24:19 reminds us that “When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow, so that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.”

The difference partners like you make is immeasurable because God is multiplying your support by pouring out blessings on our ministry, and those we minister to, that exceed any earthly value.

We do indeed hope we are again a part of your stewardship this season. And we go into this season grateful for all the opportunity it holds and excited about the unending possibilities the Lord has in store—not only for our efforts, but yours as well.

We cannot take the credit for what God has chosen to achieve through your and our joint ministry – only He deserves the glory!

Thank you for your partnership and most importantly, your prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Outhouse for outreaches

And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one…
John 17:22

It is exceptionally exciting to see what transpires when multiple ministries work together to further the Kingdom of God.

Cozmore kindly project-managed the building of this amazing structure at a prison in Zimbabwe. The prisoners now have a place to meet for Gospel services, Bible studies and times of prayer.

Two ‘wall-sides’ made of strong canvas material for tents, are still to come.

A BIG thank you to the prayer and financial supporters of Bishop of Souls, In Touch Mission International and the Victoria Falls Pastors’ Fraternal for all their financial support and hard labor in extremely hot weather to make this a reality.

Let the outreaches begin!

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Reloaded – FREE e-book download for Veterans Day

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”
1 Corinthians 16:13

Many of our ministry partners are current or former members of the United States Armed Forces.

Thank you for your sacrifice and especially that of your family; your bravery and tenacity are an example to us all.

I couldn’t think of a more apt occasion, than this Veterans Day, to launch my new book.

“Reloaded: Shooting Back Again” (Kindle Edition) is FREE – today only – to honor those who have served.

Remember, stars and reviews are a huge help.

Please pass this FREE launch edition onto your friends.

And a final request: please let me know of any inaccuracies or blunders – that is the great thing with e-books – they can easily be corrected.

Happy Veterans Day!

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The Joy of Celebrating Christmas in Africa

“She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy.” Proverbs 31:20

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Or maybe not!

For many of our ministry children and their parents, the year-end may be rather depressing – filled with stress and anxiety over the unending lack and overwhelming need that defines their daily circumstances. Most likely, the occasion we associate with hope, joy and abundance will simply pass by unnoticed due to the far more pressing challenges of survival.

I’m well aware that many of my friends are outspoken against the giving of gifts and even the celebration of Christmas. We on the other hand try to redeem any public holidays, religious holidays, Sabbaths or non-Sabbaths to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to the attention of our pagan neighbors.

We’ve never encountered complaints, legal issues or harassment when giving gifts to children. In fact, when we’ve joined Christian Action with outreaches at shopping malls, Muslims joined the queues simply so their children could receive free balloons with Bible verses printed on them. The parents, probably to not offend or appear ungrateful, even accepted the Gospel tracts.

Gifts, quite simply, open up the heart.

Please partner with us as we seek to give a Christmas gift to a child who might otherwise not get one. Such gifts can create moments of happiness for children undergoing stressful situations, whether it’s poverty, Afrophobia, illness or a natural disaster.

Please be reminded that there are many vulnerable communities that do not have the material blessings many of us enjoy. We are on the ground serving these people, pointing them to Jesus Christ, His Love, Grace, Mercy and forgiveness.

Our goal is to reach 500 children with a small gift this Christmas! They include children we minister to in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Congo.

Christmas can even be an upsetting time for children who have been separated from their biological families, and so this year we are reaching out to many of them as well.

Our ministry works to help meet the needs of people who are victims of war, natural disasters, famine, disease, injury and poverty, with the purpose of sharing the Gospel and discipling the nations.

Many children live without the means to cover even their most basic needs. Little can they imagine receiving a gift at Christmas time.

For many of these children this will be the only gift they receive this year; possibly the only gift they have received in years.

Please help us spread the Good News by partnering with us in this life-giving project.

Bringing God’s Word to these chaotic environments is true Gospel work. For the size of the challenge is eclipsed by the might of His miracles and the powerful love of our Lord.

This, however, is no “quick-fix” project. Ours is an honest effort, and we are always straightforward and direct with you. Truth be told, your financial support may not totally change the living conditions of these children. But it does help change their heart condition.

It also shows them that they are loved, cared for and created for a purpose.

Our goal is to raise $12.00 per child and reach 500 children!

U.S. tax deductible donations may be made to In Touch Mission International, by mid-November. Please use one of these payment options:

1. Phone – Credit card – 1-480-968-4100
2. Online at – ITMI Donations
3. Checks – may be posted to: In Touch Mission International, PO Box 7575, Tempe, AZ 85281

Please remember to designate your gift: “Christmas gifts – Africa – Charl”

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”
Hebrews 13:16

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A vision of Victory!

Click through and listen to our Salt and Light radio recording on Radio Tygerberg 104FM! Ron and Cyndie Kronz, of Bishop of Souls USA, encourage Christians in an amazing way!

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Cozmore explains our milling process!

While ministering in Zimbabwe, I put my amateur videography skills to good use.

Cozmore explains how our milling machine functions…

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Good gal with a gun

Below is an excerpt from one of my chapters of my ‘soon to be’ published, new book, ‘Reloaded – Shooting Back Again’.

Farm murders are a tragic crime in South Africa, as are all other murders. The main challenge with farm murders is the severity of the torture that accompanies many of the attacks.

Attackers have been known to burn their victims with blow torches and clothing irons, pour boiling water onto their bodies, slit their throats, drill a hole through their skulls and rape men’s wives while husbands are forced to watch.

Many books have been written on this terrible scourge on our society, but there are also “good guys with a gun”, and, in this case, a “good gal with a gun” who are making a difference.

Silke Kaiser, in her book GOTCHA: A polygraphist lifts the lid on crime in South Africa tells an interesting story.

She was called out to a farm where an attack had failed in the most spectacular fashion. The farm was located close to the Lesotho border.

When Kaiser arrived, she was greeted by the farmer, Jan, who picked up her laptop bag and showed her into the farmhouse kitchen, where they were joined by Jan’s wife, Elize.

Sitting at a large wooden kitchen table, Kaiser learnt of the events that led to a botched attack at this homestead, just three days prior to her arrival. She listened intently, as husband and wife took turns to recount their story.

Every morning, Jan would rise at 3am to tend to the chickens, along with two of his staff members. He never took his gun with him, because he believed if someone wanted to steal the chickens, they were most welcome.

On this morning, Jan and his accompanying employees were accosted by four gunmen. The attackers addressed their three victims in English and ordered them to lie down. Of course, they complied.

The two farm workers were then tied up. Kaiser was surprised to hear this; her professional experience showed that most often, staff members were not targeted in the attacks on farmers. She continued to listen quietly, surmising that the syndicate would probably have been informed that the farmer did not carry a gun at that time of the morning.

Two of the attackers remained with the restrained victims in the chicken enclosure, while the other two escorted Jan to the farmhouse. They stopped in the kitchen, where they instructed Jan to call his wife.


Jan and Elize are Afrikaans speaking, but he called out to her in English, using a term of endearment; “lovie”. She was still asleep at the time.

The two thugs stepped into the passage, forcing Jan to go with them. They waited for Elize to appear behind the locked security gate that led to the bedrooms — many in South Africa, for safety sake, split their homes internally by closing off their bedrooms from the rest of the home, by installing what we call a “rape gate”.

The attackers had no way of knowing that “lovie” was a pre agreed-upon password, which would immediately alert the spouse that a farm attack was underway.

The bad guys also did not know that Elize was an expert shot. She had grown up with guns and had been trained to shoot by her father. If they had cared to do some reconnaissance, they might have learnt that Elize had worked for a shooting range for 15 years, and that many had learnt how to shoot under her instruction. They were also not aware that Elize would emerge from her bedroom carrying a loaded gun.

If they had had any idea of the above, the two perpetrators might not have stood so confidently on either side of Jan. They appeared to be convinced that once Elize saw that her husband was “under arrest”, she would immediately open the gate. Their guns were not being aimed at anything, as they assumed that a woman, at the mere sight of a gun, would lose all semblance of control and would immediately become intimidated and passive.

Maybe their prior history taught them that all victims act this way. If they had an inkling as to the caliber of woman they were about to meet, they might not have exposed their chests so carelessly.

When Elize emerged from her bedroom, she shot the first perpetrator twice in the chest, both bullets narrowly missed his heart. She then moved the gun slightly to the right, and shot the second thug in the head, killing him instantly.

The man who had been shot in the chest ran through the puddle of blood left by his accomplice, and out the door. He was gasping from the damage the two bullets caused to his lungs. Into the fields he went and hid under a thorn bush, where his corpse was later found.

It was further established that this man had committed two other farm attacks. He had not yet murdered anyone; but torture was his specialty.

The other two accomplices, in cowardly fashion, fled the scene.

To cut a long story short, as is the case in most home attacks in South Africa, one of the employees had been the informer to the attackers.

Kaiser asked Elize how she felt when she shot the intruders. She said that her brain had gone into “automatic mode”, from years of training. She had fired her first shot at the tender age of five, and handling guns was second nature to her.

When she saw the guns in the hands of the criminals, she knew she would shoot them well before they realized what was happening and could aim their guns back at her. All three around the table agreed it was because of the sheer surprise factor of her actions, that she had been so successful in neutralizing the threat.

“… and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” 

Luke 22:36

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