Christianity Unites Ethnic Groups In South Africa

South African society is complicated and yes, there are many crises in South Africa.

Our Gospel preaching has been superficial and easy believism, with an emphasis on financial benefit for converts, has permeated the church.

At present I believe the Lord is working in a mighty way as Christians, faced with possible economic and political disaster on a large scale, are rethinking the application of God’s Word, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ, to all areas of life.

Below is an article by in which I was interviewed concerning some of our challenges.

There’s a crisis in South Africa.

White South Africans, especially the Afrikaners, face perhaps the greatest threat to their existence in centuries on the continent after South African president Jacob Zuma recently came out in support of confiscating white-owned property without compensation.

There are well-founded fears of “genocide” against white South Africans amid reports of surging crime, especially against farmers. And white South Africans face even more race-based laws and regulations than existed under apartheid, driving minority white South Africans out of the economy and forcing many into squalid squatter camps.

Christian missionary Charl van Wyk saw the hate directed against the Christian Afrikaners with his own eyes in 1993 when terrorists burst into St. James Church and killed 11 people. Van Wyk opened fire with his own sidearm, startling the terrorists who expected nothing but unarmed victims, and causing them to flee.

He recounted his experiences in “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense.”

Now, he is calling for a spiritual awakening among his people, the Afrikaners.

“It was not language or country of origin which primarily dominated Afrikaner identity – for there were Dutch, German and French speakers,” van Wyk said of the Afrikaners. “Nor was it his geographical position, as they were living across the Cape, Orange Free State, the Transvaal Republic and the Republic of Natalia. The Christian faith is what distinguished the Boer. The further the Afrikaner has moved away from his love and relationship with his God of the Bible and focused on land, language and skin color, the more his Christian identity has been eroded. The most important historical attribute of the Boer (Afrikaner) was the fact that he was Christian!”

One of the most important milestones in the history of the Afrikaner people was the Battle of Blood River, a struggle between a few hundred “Voortrekkers,” or pioneers, and between 15,000 to 21,000 Zulus in 1838. Before the battle, the Afrikaners took a vow to God to build a church if He would give them victory. The Voortrekkers won the day and the “Day of the Vow” became a central element of Afrikaner nationalism.

Van Wyk believes it is Christianity that defines his people and holds out the prospect of uniting the varying ethnic groups in South Africa.

“The fight in South Africa is mostly now a war of worldviews,” he said. “Christian Boers and their Christian tribal brothers and sisters have more in common, and are doing much to put an end to the racial hatred and animosity used by politicians to further their race-based political agenda.”

Terrorists burst into a house of worship. The lives of your family and friends are at stake. What will you do? How will you react? Will you have the courage to shoot back? A survivor of one of the worst terrorist attacks in history shares his incredible story in “Shooting Back,” now available in the WND Superstore.

However, he acknowledges South Africa is moving in the wrong direction, with increasingly socialist policies and a government that seems unable or unwilling to confront violent crime.

“Economically, South Africa can end up like Zimbabwe as long as its leaders pursue their communist economic philosophy, which is crippling us,” he told WND. “Bloomberg’s Misery Index, which combines countries’ 2017 inflation and unemployment outlooks, has South Africa at No. 2.

“There is hope politically as we’ve seen in the last elections when voters ousted the communist-inspired ruling party from several metropolitan cities. Yet, on the other end of the scale recent statistics show that one farm attack happens every day in South Africa. Farmers say they’re under siege, yet the government ignores their plight. Crime is out of control and a threat to South Africans of all ethnic groups.”

The security crisis is exacerbated by the strict gun control imposed on the country by the African National Congress’ government and the breakup of the collective self-defense organizations, the commandos, which once guarded farmers.

“Many South Africans are still armed, although the government has worked hard, and is relentless, in trying to disarm law-abiding citizens,” said van Wyk. “It is difficult for a wicked government to wipe out tens of thousands of citizens opposing them, when those citizens are armed and prepared to defend themselves.”

Van Wyk points to the nightmare scenario in Zimbabwe, where whites were ethnically cleansed and famine gripped the entire country, as the possible consequence of a successful disarmament policy by the South African government. However, he does not believe the South African government is capable of such an action.

“Zimbabweans were disarmed by the Mugabe regime,” van Wyk observed. “A Zimbabwe-like operation like the Gukurahundi killings carried out by Mugabe’s Fifth Brigade between 1983 and 1987 and which killed tens of thousands of people, is unlikely with an armed populace in South Africa.”

Still, the high crime and racial hatred directed against the Afrikaners raise the question of whether they still have a place in the country they largely created. Some have suggested a separate homeland for the Afrikaners. An all-Afrikaner town known as Orania, which has just over 1,000 people, exists in the Northern Cape. And Josh Gelernter at National Review suggested white South Africans could set up a “Singapore-style city-state” to ensure their physical safety.

Van Wyk is skeptical of such plans on practical grounds.

“Europe’s post-colonial borders left many Africans gathered into countries that don’t represent their cultural heritage, and this still troubles us today,” he said. “It is a challenge if our Afrikaners, Asians, Coloureds, Zulus, Xhosas, Basothos, Bapedis, Vendas, Tswanas, Tsongas, Swazis and Ndebeles all desire their own homelands. If it is functionally possible for each ethnic group to acquire their own homeland, the actual practice of division would be difficult. This is not just a South African challenge – the continent of Africa’s ethnic groups are many, and they don’t tend to fall along the cleanest possible geographic lines.”

However, van Wyk believes the Afrikaners do have a right to preserve their own identity and culture, especially as times grow worse for this Christian people.

“There is nothing wrong with South Africans loving their nation, their ethnic group,” he told WND. “There is nothing wrong with defending their particular culture, identifying those who are trying to destroy it, and building their ethnic identity.”


Please join us as we pray and work to: “make disciples … teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20).

This article was first published on 03/19/2017 by wnd at:

Charl van Wyk

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100% returns on your Kingdom investment

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 18:10


God is good! (But as a faithful follower of the Lord, you knew that already, didn’t you?)

One of our faithful ministry partners has offered us a massive Kingdom blessing.  Every U.S. dollar we raise for our Early Childhood Development Centre in Stone Hill, he will match!!

This opportunity stands for the next six weeks – until end of March 2017.

Through your partnership we stand to double our funds designated for this worthy ministry – 100% immediate returns. Isn’t that amazing?


The Lord has multiplied our work in the most amazing ways. We’ve just run a boy’s Discipleship Camp. Our guest speakers were two former gangsters both saved by the Grace of God while incarcerated.

The Lord used them in a mighty way with the young campers. Seeing young men, from an informal settlement, bend their knees to King Jesus, is a miracle to behold.

Here is a quick reminder of how we’d like to expand our Christian influence in the settlement:

We’d like to build a Gospel-centred Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). This will entail having two shipping containers welded together to create a safe classroom for pre-schoolers.

At present, while mothers work, toddlers are housed all day in a nearby shack with a small outside play area. Mothers work as domestics or as laborers on farms to put food on the table after their partners have left them.


As clean as the two adults try and keep this shack with 34 toddlers, the fact remains that it is an insecure, unsafe and an unhealthy environment.

We’d love for you to partner with us to further increase our Gospel influence in Stone Hill by converting two more shipping containers into a large classroom for an ECDC. This would legally allow a secure, safe and healthy environment for 40 toddlers.

Our present containers have worked very well.

Our prayer is to raise $19,000 to purchase the containers as well as cutting and welding them together, fitting them with fire-safety insulation, creating an emergency/fire escape, fire extinguishers and adding windows for natural lighting and ventilation. Sanitary facilities must be provided as well.

From a regulatory standpoint, we must also demonstrate that condensation will not form on the inside of the containers.

An additional $3,000 goal will help us kit out the facility with desks, chairs and a kitchenette (which can run off our generator), Christian educational materials, fencing for protection, small veggie garden for healthy foods, climbing frames, etc.

Our total goal: $22,000.00

We are humbled and blessed by the past support from our ministry partners. We thank the LORD for His blessing us through YOU!

Please consider supporting this work through ITMI (480) 968 4100, to reach vulnerable children with the Gospel. Please remember to designate your financial support “ECDC.”

Charl van Wyk

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Demons Shivered and Screeched!

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

We had a crazy, busy December month.

My turnaround time between my U.S. ministry—repacking at home and leaving for our Zimbabwe youth camp—amounted to little more than just a few days.

Just as the evil one would have it, my laptop got very sick with a virus. Amid my preparation for the Zimbabwe camp and the Gospel crusade in Stone Hill, I relied on tech support to help me get it running again. Thankfully, we serve a great God and with Him all things are possible. In matters big and small, the enemy seeks to disrupt, delay and discourage us. And the intensity of his attacks usually gives a very good indication of the wondrous works the Lord has in store with our outreaches.

I met my U.S. ministry colleague, Ron Kronz, of Bishop of Souls, at the Johannesburg airport and we flew to the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe—about 1,500 miles from home in Cape Town – where Cozmore was ready for action.


Zimbabwe is in a crisis. Jubilation erupted and numerous parties broke out at the news of President Robert Mugabe’s death. After the false report, Mugabe—a brutal dictator—says that he was ‘raised from the dead’. The nation’s state-issued bond notes lost 30% on the free market on date of issue. One in six children are orphans. Soldiers are said to be standing up for the public against police—a rare bright spot in the nation’s troubled history of military-enforced governmental repression.

Our ministry for the young men was staged a few hours’ drive from Victoria Falls to Hwange Main Camp.

Twenty-eight young men arrived with great expectancy. Some had been on our previous camp in July. One young man arrived on crutches from an injury he suffered in a crocodile attack. Thankfully, he wasn’t alone during the attack. In a vicious fight his friends clung to his upper body and arms while the croc clutched his foot before the friends finally won out. Medical staff managed to save his foot and toes.

The Lord has worked wonders in the lives of these young men. Those who attended our July camp reported some changes in their lives. One has saved up $50 from his candy selling business and is now launching an enterprise involving chicken farming. Others have made it their duty to protect women and children—terribly vulnerable in this environment where the lawless enforce “the law.” These young men are showing respect to their single mothers and helping in the fields to feed the family. Praise the Lord that they are no longer a bunch of useless, reprobate teenagers!


Ron encouraged our campers to start a generation of men who love the Lord, will love their future wife, like Christ loved the Church, and nurture their families by reading the Scriptures to them. They responded with much enthusiasm.

One camper told Ron that he wanted to become a Gospel preacher.

“How long have you had this desire?” asked Ron.

“Since I heard you preach last night!” was the answer.

Many put their faith in Jesus Christ, rather than their ancestors—the common default for worship in much of Africa.

Camp leader Pastor Nyoni called a prayer meeting for rain a few months ago—in contrast to the community elders calling upon the ancestors. The Lord answered and two days later the rains fell in this drought-stricken area. Praise the Lord!

If you missed our short video report, view it here.

Stone Hill crusade


Ron and I arrived back in Cape Town the night before our Stone Hill Gospel crusade.

I was so proud of our Soldiers for Christ (SFC) young men. They were extremely dedicated to making the crusade a success. Marketing was done “squatter-camp” style—on foot handing out leaflets, putting up of posters and most importantly, shouting over the PA system in the community.

Ministry colleagues and SFC sorted lighting and sound by generator, chairs, and a stage.

Ron’s preaching was dynamic and the presence of the Holy Spirit caused demons to shiver and screech! Again we witnessed the saving Grace of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Now, the hard work of discipleship begins with those who submitted to the Lordship of Christ. A camp to disciple our young men will take place this weekend. Please pray for us!

A Blessed New Year to you and yours! We hope and pray that you will continue to partner with us in the Lord’s work. May His Will be done in Africa, as it is in Heaven!

Charl van Wyk

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Camping for Christ!

A 1 minute video report on our Zimbabwe youth camp!


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Giving thanks to the Lord … and you!


The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

Giving thanks to the Lord … and you!

I’ve been preparing presentations for my ministry speaking tour to the United States, which ends just before Thanksgiving.

I always revisit past presentations so that I don’t bore listeners with the same ideas. In doing so, I’m in awe of what the Lord has done—and is doing—with and through our ministry partners like you.

With the generous help of our partners, and even their children in some cases, the extent of our outreach for furthering the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has been astounding.

Over the past year, they have made it possible for us to partner with and support outreaches to China—under the guise of running English language camps for children—Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, Cameroon and South Africa.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is preached and lived out in our ministry outreach projects. By God’s truly amazing grace, many have responded by putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

Discipleship is of paramount importance and new believers are taken care of by men and women who then disciple them over time—through both teachings and by example.

Gangsters change

Typically, the youngsters starting gangs in Stone Hill are around 17 years old. They hail overwhelmingly from single-parent homes—most always only a mother. In this dysfunctional community, girls have babies to prove that they are fertile in the hope of securing a marriage proposal in the future. This is one of many reasons for the existence of single-parent homes.

The Christian community leaders take it upon themselves to help the mothers by acting like fathers to the disobedient young men. The mothers can’t fulfill their parental responsibility in spanking the boys when necessary, so the Christian men do. And—despite what the purveyors of political correctness say—it works wonders.

Through loving discipline and an investment of time and teaching, our ministry and community leaders are taking the (former) gangsters camping and on hikes up the mountain. Through this they release energy, build relationships and start Gospel conversations. We help with funds for taxis, food, etc.

“For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind,” 2 Timothy 1:7.

Explosive Growth

Our Stone Hill ministry has grown exponentially. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways. We’ve built a U-shaped building with three shipping containers. One holds a kitchen. The other offers two classrooms and the third, a gym.


Our ministry now includes Sunday evening Gospel services, Bible Studies, Soldiers for Christ, Dream Girls, math and science homework help, a soup kitchen, food-and-clothing distribution, shack maintenance and building, sport ministry, youth camps, outreaches such as Life Chain and Women’s Day in shopping malls; and in December, Lord willing, a Gospel crusade.

We’ve invested a lot of energy into reaching the youth in Stone Hill.

Now, we’d like to expand our Christian influence by building a Gospel-centered Early Childhood Development (ECD) Center. This will entail having two shipping containers welded together to create a safe classroom for preschoolers. Toddlers are housed all day, while mothers work, in a nearby shack with a small outside play area.

As clean as the two adults try and keep the shack with 34 toddlers, the fact remains that it is an insecure, unsafe and an unhealthy environment.

We’d love for you to partner with us to further increase our Gospel influence in Stone Hill by converting two more shipping containers into a large classroom for an ECD Center. This would legally allow a secure, safe and healthy environment for 40 toddlers.


Our present containers have worked well.

Converted shipping containers offer budget savings. By recycling old shipping containers, we repurpose our limited materials, rather than sourcing new materials used in traditional construction. Also, the buildings can be relocated, or moved about, as our ministry grows.

Our prayer is to raise $19,000 to purchase the containers as well as cutting and welding them together, fitting them with fire-safety insulation, creating an emergency/fire escape, fire extinguishers and adding windows for natural lighting and ventilation. Sanitary facilities must be provided as well.

From a regulatory standpoint, we must also demonstrate that condensation will not form on the inside of the containers. That’s no joke. Really! Even (or shall I say, only) in Africa. Where do these bureaucrats come from?

An additional $3,000 goal will help to kit out the facility with desks, chairs, kitchenette, which can run off our generator, Christian educational materials, fencing for protection, small veggie garden for healthy foods, climbing frames, etc.

Our total goal: $22,000.00

We are humbled and blessed by the past support from partners. We thank the LORD for His blessing us through YOU!

Pease consider supporting this work through ITMI (480) 968 4100, at this time of Thanksgiving, to reach vulnerable children with the Gospel.

Charl van Wyk

PS. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones.

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No more ‘evanjellyfish’ Christianity

“Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourself for godliness.” 1 Timothy 4:7

“You are wasting my time! Get out of here and go ask the question to somebody outside. If you don’t ask the question, don’t bother coming back!”

We will not accept the fact that young men will not carry out instructions, if they claim to be serious about the things of the Lord. Living in a squatter camp (locally called a “township”), in a shack and being poor is no excuse for being lazy or unconcerned about the Gospel of the Kingdom.


Our group’s name is Soldiers for Christ (SFC)! These twelve young men want to make a difference. They want to live out the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their personal lives, in their homes, schools and work places; and in their squatter camp.


So where does one start with a bunch of rough kids, whose third language is English, who live in shacks, with dirt roads, little drainage, no electricity, surrounded daily by crime, and too often have little food on the table?

We start with God’s Word of course!

“Therefore by the deeds of the law no flesh will be justified in His sight, for by the law is the knowledge of sin.” Romans 3:20

The African traditional religion these young men have been born into, and brought up to know, teaches that you need to slaughter a goat when you have sinned, as if you don’t “always” sin – the goat’s blood will apparently cleanse you of unrighteousness. Sprinkling holy water in your hut keeps the evil spirits away and a piece of plastic on a limb can bring healing.

If we don’t teach God’s Law, His Word, they will never know His standards; or understand that they have sinned because “…sin is Lawlessness.” And if you haven’t sinned, why would you need a saviour?

The Law shows us our need of a saviour. Jesus Christ paid our penalty – His blood, not a goat’s blood, cleanses us from all sin – past, present and future! Putting our faith in Him, and not our ancestors, is what will save us!

One young man underwent massive family pressure due to leaving his ancestral worship. But he would not back down. He was discovered by my colleague as a 12-year-old head of a household. He was brought up in the Christian faith and today is a ministry and community leader.

His mother told the family that years ago, when she was unable to financially support her two sons, none of the family helped her, so she left her boys to fend for themselves. The Christians helped, supported and provided for the brothers, and so now the family must accept that they are following their Christian God.

Our faith is not the local “evanjellyfish” type. Some of these young men are just a few weeks old as Christians. So, they are sent out immediately to start Gospel conversations to tell others about the Gospel of the Kingdom. Yes, they will make mistakes. Yes, they will mess up and yes, it is difficult!

We’ve taken part in a shopping mall outreach where some of our group got to interact with shoppers and hand out tracts and balloons with Bible verses for children. Those “soldiers” who said they would come but did not arrive for the outreach were disciplined by their peers.

We have also undergone training by self-defense guru Gerald Bailey of Suarez International, who kindly gave freely of his time to help our young men. Gerald’s training will be put into good use at our upcoming Gospel crusade in the Stone Hill squatter camp when international Gospel preacher, Ron Kronz, visits us on his tri-nation preaching tour to Africa.


Church leaders are very excited about the coming Gospel outreach. Unity is a top priority for the local churches.

Men beating women is quite normal in the township. The Soldiers for Christ intend to put a stop to this by prayer and action, even physically threatening the perpetrators.

The township dwellers firmly believe that the police only help and support the criminals and so there is little to no trust of the authorities. Law and order in South Africa has become a joke and people believe they have to see to their own personal and community safety.

The community is known for having beaten youngsters starting gangs, caught and beaten armed thugs who attacked their local store, dismantled the shack of an unrepentant rapist and kicked him out of their township so he may never return. Needless to say, many of the community leaders are Chrsitians!

Some outsiders have apparently referred to Stone Hill as “the Christian township!”

SFC members are on duty at our Gospel outreach services each Sunday evening. The ill-discipline, obviously tolerated in state schools, is a nuisance of the past. Jabbering, laughing and jesting during the preaching of God’s Word has come to an end. Drunkards, and those wishing to interrupt the sermon, are kindly walked away so that listeners may hear the Word.

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” Romans 10:17

Please pray with us! Jesus Christ is building His Church in Stone Hill! May His Will be done in Stone Hill, as it is in Heaven!

Charl van Wyk

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Stone Hill (Klipheuwel) challenges


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