‘Shooting Back’ author talks to Mancow

Author Charl van Wyk told the Mancow radio show his story of shooting back at terrorists who lobbed grenades and fired automatic assault weapons at a church congregation in South Africa.

The terrorists were influenced by a “liberation” theology that proclaimed if Jesus were around today, he “would have an AK-47 and be fighting for a political cause,” Van Wyk said.

His story has been chronicled in the book “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense” and also a video documentary – the first ever produced by WND’s new film division.

Van Wyk has been on a U.S. tour, talking about his experience and other issues, including gun control.

Police later told van Wyk the terrorists confessed their plan was to kill everyone in the church, possibly 1,000 people or more, and his armed response is credited with saving many lives.

He told Mancow host Erich Muller that when the firing started he pulled out his handgun and fired back. He decided he was too far back, and he ran out of the building to try to get closer, only to see the terrorists piling into a getaway car.

He said his first shot apparently struck one of the attackers.

“To create a safe nation, arm the population,” van Wyk told WND in a recent interview. Referring to the recently much-publicized massacre of more than a dozen immigrants in New York, he added, “An armed citizen could have made a difference at Binghamton.”

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