Arrived in Washington

My family and I arrived in Washington, DC 6:30am on 21 June and, despite experiencing a computer breakdown the same day and four sick children thereafter, have been blessed by the Lord. We have been granted a 6 month stay in the US.

Ministry partners picked us up at the airport, provided food, accommodation, a new netbook computer, cell phone, GPS, transport, home schooling books and furniture. They have also organized meetings at their homes and churches, and radio interviews.

Fifteen people with 7 vehicls, organized by a dear church friend, arrived to move us into our new abode, a beautiful townhouse in Springfield, VA, the morning of 3 July.

Our family attended a soiree and Sonja and I were blessed with a steam boat cruise on the Potomac River to see the Washington, DC fireworks display from close up on 4 July.

We have been totally overwhelmed by the friendship, kindness and provisions. The Lord has blessed us through so many people we are humbled by His grace and their open hearts. If I had to name each one, I’m sure to get into trouble for leaving someone out. Many thanks to each of you.

Why the US visit?
On previous visits to the US I’ve missed many ministry opportunities due to my fast moving around the country and having a preset itinerary, which does not allow for ad hoc invitations. Sonja and I thus decided to bring the whole family over to the US for an extended time.

During this sabbatical period, which we hope will be longer than 6 months, we, Lord willing, intend to:

  • Attend Christian conferences and training seminars to better equip ourselves for ministry.
  • Spend time in theological studies.
  • Visit our prayer and financial ministry partners.
  • Market my book “Shooting Back” published by WorldNetDaily.

Your prayers for us during this time will be very much appreciated.

We’ve had wonderful times of fellowship with many ministry partners already and are looking forward to the following future speaking engagements:

Family matters
We’ve had some interesting issues raised by our children. After having been in the US for 2 days, Anya (4) asked: “So Dad, when do we arrive in America?”

“Dad, why does the time go so much faster in America, compared to back home?”

“Dad, may we stay here longer?”

The children were blessed with a pet hamster, cage and all; but he died after a few days. They were surprised when I would not keep the dead hamster and exchange him for a live one at the pet shop.

Sonja has made wonderful home schooling friends, who have blessed us with great books and resources for the family.

It appears almost impossible to find a competent company that can set up DSL at our home for such a short stay, so email communication might be slow. If you have not received a reply to an email you sent us, please resend, it might have been lost in the computer breakdown.

Thanks again for all your love and support.

Yours in the service of King Jesus.

Charl van Wyk

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