Toy guns as gifts

South Africa – Western Cape Community Safety MEC Dan Plato visited the Flamingo informal settlement in Lansdowne to hand out toys to children after a roaring fire swept the area. Plato received criticism when toy guns were included in the gifts for children who live in the camp.

My best memories of childhood was playing “guns” with the other kids, imitating US SWAT teams and cowboys like Shane, John Wayne and the men of Little House on the Prairie.

For us, those toy guns were a symbol of brave men, fighting against incredible odds, to resist tyranny, preserve freedom and protect their families. Unfortunately today, guns both real and toy, are politically incorrect.

In effect, we have adopted the pagan fallacy of animism; that evil lurks in things, rather than people. Therefore demolishing guns (even toy ones) gives self-righteous crusaders some feeling of power. Ban toy guns and hey presto, you banish the evil.

People today fear firearms of any sort because they rightly fear the consequences of living in a godless society. Modern South Africans reject God and His law and then are horrified that their children grow up to become consistent with what has been hammered into them in thirteen years at the State propaganda mills.They have been taught that there is no truth, no objective standard of justice, that they are just an evolved animal, guns are evil and that there are no absolutes.

Parents delegate the rearing of their children to the nanny state, the schools, the TV and video-games and then wonder why some of them turn out to be killers. But no, it cannot be our lack of faith, our lack of personal morality, our lack of objective truth, our materialistic mentality or our adoption of ancient pagan heresies that are causing the problems. It must be the toy guns!

We should want our children to be aggressive against injustice, adventurous in their lives and instill in them a hatred for evil and a deep desire to fight it.

After all, the best defense against a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

Mr. Plato, thank you for your kind gesture in blessing the children with toys!

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