Buy toy guns for Christmas!

WND Exclusive: Charl van Wyk wants kids to understand how righteous force combats evil.


Every year around Christmastime, when Christians are celebrating the birth of Christ and His gift of true freedom, an old tradition surfaces.

This one is celebrated in the media by self-righteous crusaders calling for the banning of toy guns.

Some of my best memories of childhood involved “playing guns” with other kids, imitating SWAT teams and cowboys like Shane, John Wayne and the men of “Little House on the Prairie.”

For us, those toy guns were a symbol of brave men, fighting against incredible odds, resisting tyranny, preserving freedom and protecting the weak, innocent and families. Today, thankfully, many brave men employ real guns for these very reasons. Also today, unfortunately, guns both real and toy are politically incorrect, subjecting them to an open season where their virtuous use is inverted into vice.

In this twisted universe, firearms – the only tools that actually level the playing field and ensure true equality when an innocent citizen meets the lawless and violent-minded – are branded bad, despite the profound usage to achieve good.

Would you be prepared to defend yourself and other innocents in a surprise attack? Find out what the writer did to protect others in the film and book “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense”

Somewhere along the way we adopted the pagan fallacy of animism – that evil lurks in things, rather than people. Therefore, demonizing guns, even toy ones, gives liberal crusaders some feeling of power. Ban guns, real and toy, and hey, presto, you banish evil (if you dare even call it such).

Already toy gun manufacturers are forced to outfit red covers on the muzzles of the toys.

Strangely, this plays nicely into the hands of the bad guys. An attacker can wrap a piece of red tape around the muzzle of his real gun, masking the “realness” thereof and all the more his violent intent. This could cause an armed citizen – or even a law-enforcement officer – to hesitate, a potentially fatal mistake when engaged in a life-or-death encounter with the bad guy.

How much more do we delude ourselves in thinking that demonizing and banning toy guns – as well as demonizing and banning real guns – results in increased public safety? More importantly, how much does this inane debate lull us into the false sense of security that we’re “doing something about gun violence.” In truth, we’re hesitating – surely a spiritually fatal mistake – when confronted with the chance to teach our children the truth about evil.

Are modern citizens equipped to even have such a conversation? Especially when today’s children have been raised by the nanny state and steeped in state indoctrination affirming them as evolved animals, subject to no objective standard of truth save their own self-actualization. Little surprise when some children “rise” to these woeful expectations and act out in rebellion, sexual anarchy or wanton violence.

Rather than succumbing to manufactured outrage of the threats posed by these near timeless toys, let’s teach our children to remain aggressive against injustice, adventurous in their lives – instilling in them a hatred for evil and a deep desire to fight it.

After my great childhood battles, I have used my firearm on two occasions to protect the lives of innocent victims when attacked by armed thugs. The gun haters call this “using violence to fight violence.” Actually, violence is the “immoral use of force”; defending the innocent is the righteous use of force.

Let’s raise responsible children who will become responsible adults and protect their families and freedoms. Let’s put plenty of toy guns under the Christmas tree!

This article was first published by WND at: Buy toy guns for Christmas!

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