Stop the killing!

“Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”

Prov 24:11

Abortion on demand was legalised in South Africa on Feb. 1, 1997.

Even before and ever since, Africa Christian Action has been on the front lines of the battle in South Africa.

They reminded us:  “At the time, the Ministry of Health reported receiving hundreds of thousands of submissions concerning the proposed legalisation of ‘abortion on demand’. Over 98% of these submissions opposed the legalisation of abortion. Tens of thousands marched to Parliament to, amongst other concerns, oppose abortion. Scores of delegations, and thousands of submissions to the Constitutional Assembly also implored the authorities not to legalise the killing of pre-born babies.”

Despite the clear urgings of such a large, unified body of citizens, the late president Nelson Mandela denied any of his members of Parliament a conscience vote on the Termination of Pregnancy Bill. This act of tyranny forced them to vote the pro-death party line.

Since then, an estimated 1,200,000 babies have lost their lives – legally.

On Feb. 2, my friends and I joined Africa Christian Action for a prayer vigil outside the gates of the Parliament of South Africa. I was honoured to lead those gathered in a reading of Psalm 139.

prayer parliament

The prayer vigil included a short memorial service and wreath-laying ceremony in loving memory of the babies murdered by abortion in South Africa since 1997. The vigil was preceded by a March for Life – in the form of a Funeral Procession to Parliament during which I carried a small coffin.


A very moving testimony was given by a young lady who regretted the abortion she had at age 14. Praise the Lord, she now loves Him and serves Him by warning others of the guilt, shame and regret accompanying this brutal act – which all too often today is depicted as no more remarkable than another run-of-the-mill elective medical procedure.

Chaos in Congo

Please cover our Church family in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in prayer.


Protests have recently ignited, with demonstrations against the “reforms” seeking to extend President Joseph Kabila’s rule. A human rights group claims that 42 people have been killed.

Parliament recently passed legislation requiring a national census before the 2016 elections. The opposition says conducting this count would take years to organise in a poor nation the size of Western Europe – thereby protracting Kabila’s reign well into the foreseeable future. The government, of course, denies this.

My friends Ron Kronz, Oscar Wakandwa and I are, Lord willing, going to visit the DRC, and encourage and support our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We’ve experienced chaos in the Congo after a past election. The unrest included us being stopped at a road block by a drugged teenage soldier with an assault rifle; and I’ve also been held by officials against my will. But praise God my Heavenly Father, who has protected and delivered us so many times before.

Stone Hill starting

stone hill 2 (2)

Praise the Lord for the wonderful financial support we have received for our Stone Hill building project. We have 60% of the funds needed to help us meet the $43,000 ($33,000 building and $10,000 equipment) goal needed to erect and stock a building for our ministry outreaches into this needy community.

Sand is being delivered to prepare the land for our building. God is good!


Thank you!

US speaking tour 

Lord willing, I’ll be visiting the United States and be available for meetings from April 11 to 27, 2015.

Debbie, at In Touch Mission International, will be helping with my itinerary.

Please contact Debbie Henry on (or 1-480-968-4100) in Tempe, AZ should you kindly like to have me speak at a meeting.

My topics will include “The Supremacy of Christ” and ministry reports on Stone Hill (South Africa), Zimbabwe and Congo.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you.

Charl van Wyk

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