How about a roof for Thanksgiving?

“Give to the Lord the glory due His Name; Bring an offering, and come before Him. Oh, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!” 1 Chronicles 16:29

In September 2013 I reported on our ministry outreach East of Lusaka, Zambia – with my friend Rev Ron Kronz and our host, Bishop John Jere.

The reason for the trip – to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Our Gospel crusade was planned on open land next to the local village soccer field – and opposite the field, was the local noisy pub.

If people aren’t going to church, then the Church must go to the people!

Ron played hymns on his saxophone in the dusty open air “church.” The music attracted many. They sat down on the benches and heard the preaching of God’s Word.

The enemy did not want this outreach to take place – attack after attack – made our work, not just inconvenient, but in some cases, life threatening. I believed it to be physical attacks emanating from a spiritual source.We carried on because “…He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

Ron preached the Word and many came to faith in Jesus Christ, including a Sangoma (a woman who practiced divination and traditional healing). Part of her repentance included burning her “tools of trade.” One item she used, after cutting a person’s skin, to suck their blood into her mouth.

And some say that all religions are equal!

One young girl who came to faith had been a fortune teller, but no longer makes money from this trade of false information.

Pastor William Manda of Great Grace Ministries was the pastor hosting the Gospel crusade. It was also he who would nurture and disciple the newly converted Sangoma.

William was previously a recipient of a bicycle from our ‘Bibles and bikes’ fund so that he could be more effective in reaching the lost that lived far from his local bush church. He is now swifter in reaching people, rather than spending hours walking from one village to another.

Such great need and so little resources!

In March 2014 we heard how local Indunas viz. tribal headmen, had stirred up trouble in reaction to our outdoor Gospel crusade. You see, the people had been overwhelmed by the hearing of the Word and also the follow up by Pastor William and his team – so much so, the tribal leaders donated land on which to build a church.

They then withdrew the land offer when they later discovered that people they’d once controlled through demon possession and witchcraft were now saved by God’s Grace and were no longer their minions, but instead, servants of the Most High.

Although the sanctuary was already constructed to window-height, the church leaders prepared to break down the building and move it. When the tribal leaders heard of this they changed their minds about the land donation.

Pastor William has since legally secured the land and the building is now at roof height.

It has taken everything this very poor congregation could muster to get this far – over two years. They have now called for help from the greater covenant community.These are the kind of people we work with and stand-by – serious Christians who will not let political, or (evil) spiritual leaders hold them back from discipling the people of Chongwe District, Zambia.

“But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men.”” Acts 5:29

Sonja and I are going to financially help this struggling congregation get a roof over their church building. We want the Christians to win the war against satan – the Gospel must go out and the locals must see Jesus Christ reigning in the hearts and minds of His people. May this building be a tool used by God to further His Kingdom in Zambia.

This little building has no doors, windows, ablution facilities, electricity, water supply, no plaster or carpeted floors.

If the Lord leads you, will you partner with Sonja and I to help with the USD 1,500.00 needed for a roof?

Wouldn’t this make a wonderful November Thanksgiving gift to our brothers and sisters, when we celebrate all the Lord has blessed us with?

Yours for the Kingdom
Charl van Wyk

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One Response to How about a roof for Thanksgiving?

  1. Steve Evers says:

    Count us in…we want to be a part of this great project.


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