Wake up! Wake up!

“Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” Prov 14:31

Wake up! Wake Up!

Wake up! Wake up! Lwando shouted at Mabuti and his brother Siphelele, as they lay fast asleep in their tin shack.

Just two hours after returning from the Cape Town Passion Conference, Mabuti’s shack caught fire and burned to the ground.


Apparently, the neighbor’s shack caught alight first, while he was at work – doing his night shift. Due to its proximity, it was just a matter of seconds, and Mabuti’s shack started burning.

Lwando happened, by God’s Grace, to be walking in the vicinity and saw smoke in the distance. When he went closer he realized it was his good friend Mabuti’s home that was burning.


Undeterred by the threat to his own life, Lwando kicked the front door down. He shouted at, and shook, the brothers until they woke from their sleep and then helped them grab a mattress and some clothes just in time to vacate the shack as it burnt to the ground.


The fire brigade arrived after the fire was over.

We are grateful to God for the fact that Mabuti and Siphelele, are OK.

Just a few years ago Mabuti was found by Cozmore. At the time he was a 12-year-old ‘head of a household’ in Stone Hill, providing for himself and his younger brother.

Since then Mabuti has come to faith in Christ and now helps lead our ministry. The brothers are now living in one of our ministry containers until they, and we, can build another shack together.

When we, Lord willing, rebuild the shack it will be our sixteenth such project in Stone Hill to help a destitute family. Praise the Lord!

The Lord has blessed our shack building ministry. Winter rains start soon, so please join us in prayer and support!

And just when you thought…

After the shack burning down, Mabuti was stopped by a traffic officer and fault was found with his motor scooter.

He was given time to correct the issues and report back to the authorities.

Before the stipulated date of reporting, while he was sorting out the issues, he was stopped by another officer, who again found fault with the same scooter. The officer was shown the previously issued official documentation with the D-day for reporting, which was still to come.

The second officer disagreed with the former officer’s decision and dates; and issued a fine of R3500,00 (USD230.00). This is Africa!

Mabuti doesn’t even earn that in a month and the scooter is not worth that either.

Mabuti’s faith and joy are unshaken by these incidents.

By God’s Grace we were able to purchase a used 125cc motorcycle for him, so that our ministry can go on. He had to pay what it would have cost him to repair his scooter, towards the new motorcycle – he knows that he earned and worked for it.

Mabuti is already talking about forming a ‘Christian biker’s gang’. I told him, I’d like to be a member.

Mabuti has been elected the Executive Committee Chair in Stone Hill to deal directly with the Mayor’s office and he told the committee that he would not notarize (his word) anything that does not conform to the Bible.

The Mayor’s office asked our ministry chairman, Bradley, if they could use our premises for a public meeting.


At the meeting the Mayor announced that the property the squatters are living on in Stone Hill has been bought by government and they aim to start putting in services. It looks like electricity is soon to come.


We do what we do to spread the wonderful Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and disciple His world!

Charl van Wyk

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One Response to Wake up! Wake up!

  1. Steve Evers says:

    Great story of God’s care, protection and provision for someone that has no way to do it himself. Thanks Charl, Bradley and Mark for all you do to impact the Kingdom of God with the servant’s example you provide in Sony Hill. Wonderful!!


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