Demons Shivered and Screeched!

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

We had a crazy, busy December month.

My turnaround time between my U.S. ministry—repacking at home and leaving for our Zimbabwe youth camp—amounted to little more than just a few days.

Just as the evil one would have it, my laptop got very sick with a virus. Amid my preparation for the Zimbabwe camp and the Gospel crusade in Stone Hill, I relied on tech support to help me get it running again. Thankfully, we serve a great God and with Him all things are possible. In matters big and small, the enemy seeks to disrupt, delay and discourage us. And the intensity of his attacks usually gives a very good indication of the wondrous works the Lord has in store with our outreaches.

I met my U.S. ministry colleague, Ron Kronz, of Bishop of Souls, at the Johannesburg airport and we flew to the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe—about 1,500 miles from home in Cape Town – where Cozmore was ready for action.


Zimbabwe is in a crisis. Jubilation erupted and numerous parties broke out at the news of President Robert Mugabe’s death. After the false report, Mugabe—a brutal dictator—says that he was ‘raised from the dead’. The nation’s state-issued bond notes lost 30% on the free market on date of issue. One in six children are orphans. Soldiers are said to be standing up for the public against police—a rare bright spot in the nation’s troubled history of military-enforced governmental repression.

Our ministry for the young men was staged a few hours’ drive from Victoria Falls to Hwange Main Camp.

Twenty-eight young men arrived with great expectancy. Some had been on our previous camp in July. One young man arrived on crutches from an injury he suffered in a crocodile attack. Thankfully, he wasn’t alone during the attack. In a vicious fight his friends clung to his upper body and arms while the croc clutched his foot before the friends finally won out. Medical staff managed to save his foot and toes.

The Lord has worked wonders in the lives of these young men. Those who attended our July camp reported some changes in their lives. One has saved up $50 from his candy selling business and is now launching an enterprise involving chicken farming. Others have made it their duty to protect women and children—terribly vulnerable in this environment where the lawless enforce “the law.” These young men are showing respect to their single mothers and helping in the fields to feed the family. Praise the Lord that they are no longer a bunch of useless, reprobate teenagers!


Ron encouraged our campers to start a generation of men who love the Lord, will love their future wife, like Christ loved the Church, and nurture their families by reading the Scriptures to them. They responded with much enthusiasm.

One camper told Ron that he wanted to become a Gospel preacher.

“How long have you had this desire?” asked Ron.

“Since I heard you preach last night!” was the answer.

Many put their faith in Jesus Christ, rather than their ancestors—the common default for worship in much of Africa.

Camp leader Pastor Nyoni called a prayer meeting for rain a few months ago—in contrast to the community elders calling upon the ancestors. The Lord answered and two days later the rains fell in this drought-stricken area. Praise the Lord!

If you missed our short video report, view it here.

Stone Hill crusade


Ron and I arrived back in Cape Town the night before our Stone Hill Gospel crusade.

I was so proud of our Soldiers for Christ (SFC) young men. They were extremely dedicated to making the crusade a success. Marketing was done “squatter-camp” style—on foot handing out leaflets, putting up of posters and most importantly, shouting over the PA system in the community.

Ministry colleagues and SFC sorted lighting and sound by generator, chairs, and a stage.

Ron’s preaching was dynamic and the presence of the Holy Spirit caused demons to shiver and screech! Again we witnessed the saving Grace of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Now, the hard work of discipleship begins with those who submitted to the Lordship of Christ. A camp to disciple our young men will take place this weekend. Please pray for us!

A Blessed New Year to you and yours! We hope and pray that you will continue to partner with us in the Lord’s work. May His Will be done in Africa, as it is in Heaven!

Charl van Wyk

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