Empowering young girls through the Gospel


Sonja and her friends have been very involved with taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the girls in our local informal settlement, Stone Hill.

This ‘Dream Girls’ ministry is rewarding and challenging.

Imagine a mother encouraging her daughter to have sex with a young man with the hope of her falling pregnant and thereby proving to a future husband that she can bear children for him.

Imagine it not being acceptable to say “No” when a man wants to satisfy his lusts and you are the item he chooses to use.

Imagine your little sister of 15 being forced into a sex ring and passed among men by a local pimp. If you speak out in protest your shack might be burnt down at night while you sleep so the pimp can quiet his accuser.

Welcome to Africa, where women often get treated far worse than animals in most westernized countries.

I suppose it’s not surprizing then when the girls swear in your face, disrupt classes, destroy classroom contents, scratch in your handbag to steal from you, pilfer items from your home when they visit, flaunt themselves at the boys and dress like prostitutes.


This is what life without Jesus Christ looks like. This is why this ministry is so crucial in this community.

Bringing God’s Word to this chaotic environment, is true Gospel work. For the size of the challenge is eclipsed by the might of His miracles and the powerful love of our Lord.

This, however, is no “quick fix” ministry. Yes, praise the Lord, some have come to faith in Jesus Christ. But Sonja and her friends will struggle over years and years, giving of their resources, lives and time only to witness scant evidence of godly results. Yet our Dream Girls leaders push on!

“She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy.” Proverbs 31:20

A BIG thank you! Friends like you have made a difference—and can still make a difference.

Ours is an honest effort, and we are always honest and direct with you. Truth be told, your financial support may not totally change the living conditions of these girls. But it does change their heart condition. The means to maintain the work of the Dream Girls ministry, which commands the Love of Christ expressed consistently—something these girls have never before witnessed or known—makes a major difference. It changes the way they see themselves – made in the image of God!

It also shows them that they are loved, cared for and created for a purpose.


Sonja and the gang of ministry leaders held a Christmas outreach – we are so thankful to those who financially supported this. The girls were taken to our local suburban church where they were given gifts, sang and danced, played games and made memories together, like all children should.

Our ministry partners were there too, in spirit, praying and walking beside the leaders as you have many times in the past, helping Sonja and the team as they point the girls to Jesus Christ – He who loves them!

Please pray for us all; and a blessed Christmas to you and yours!

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